As a certified pet groomer, there will be a few memorable appointments in your career – whether they’re good or bad! One thing that always makes a dog groomer’s day great is meeting an affectionate pup with an interesting coat. Working with unique breeds also increases your dog grooming salary, and helps you master new techniques.

Give your clients advice on finding the best dog for their family with these 8 beautiful breeds!

Shetland Sheepdog

Starting with one of the more common dog breeds, the Shetland Sheepdog is a fantastic choice for families. This breed is extremely intelligent – unsurprisingly – making them one of the best breeds to train. For a family who likes their space tidy and commands obeyed, the Shetland Sheepdog will be easy to handle indoors (other than the shedding, that is!).

As with most sheepdogs, Shetlands are great for games that mimic the act of herding since this is an inherent behavior. Their ability to pick up commands also makes it easy for them to live with families, as well as meet groomers!

Personality of Shetland Sheepdogs

Bernese Mountain Dog

With this breed, families with children can enjoy a loveable and gentle giant! Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to be calm and adoring to their family, which makes them well worth the extra grooming appointments. Their coats are luxurious and full, which means common grooming appointments are vital to keep it healthy.

This breed will also learn commands quite easily – and even if it takes them some time, they’ll be looking to make their owners happy. One note to keep in mind, a Bernese is a large breed and requires space for exercise. Having a backyard or nearby dog park around can make a huge difference in their quality of life!


Historically popular in cooler climates, the Samoyed breed loves everyone. They get along with humans and other pups, and innately look to keep their owners warm. Since they used to be trained as working dogs, Samoyeds are intelligent and energetic, making them great as a playful companion. However, they are also known for their tendency to look for prey – which means you’ll need to train them well if they start playing cat and mouse!

For groomers, the Samoyed breed means lots of fur and a longer appointment than most. But the result in the end will leave your pal shining in his beautiful white coat!

Grooming Long-haired Dogs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the best pick for families with children is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed – they are loved for their affectionate personalities and ability to socialize with both humans and other dogs. Their energy, mixed with their ability to relax and unwind, is perfect for all occasions. Whether they’re playing with the kids outside or cuddling up in Poppa’s lap, this breed will be a true member of the family.

One downside to their active lifestyle is their desire to chase everything. Other than that, they make for an easy dog grooming appointment – a simple bathe and brush will do!

Finnish Spitz

A gorgeous breed, the Finnish Spitz is an ideal pet for active families. They’re used to hunting, and love large outdoor areas to run and play! As a guard dog, the Finnish Spitz will be ready to alert you if someone arrives, but their barking can be excessive if untrained. They are intelligent, and a loving owner will be able to train their pup with patience and care in no time.

Dog groomers have a task when this breed comes into the salon: perfecting the undercoat! Although it takes time to brush out the coat completely and examine the skin, these dogs have gorgeous fur. Remind the owners to brush frequently to keep the coat looking its best!

Grooming European dog breeds


A more unique choice from these family-friendly breeds is the Whippet, who is a terrific race dog. Although they have been used for racing, these tall dogs are quiet and able to relax or sleep throughout the day. They’re energetic when given the chance to exercise, but are also happy to spend time cuddling their owners!

Whippets are a calming presence for the family, and are incredibly fast – they can reach up to 35 miles per hour, which deserves a treat in our opinion.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

A breed that has been made famous by Queen Elizabeth ll is the Corgi. And there’s a reason the Queen loves this pup – they are great companions to their owners! Although they may seem small or silly to some, this breed is active and great for rural environments (they’re well-known as great farm dogs).

Although they’re a smaller breed, Corgis still need a high level of attention from groomers – both for their health and their coat. Owners should be diligent in proper feeding and early training, since the Cardigan love to use his voice!

Smaller family-friendly dog breeds

Swedish Vallhund

Groomers are lucky if they get to meet a few Swedish Vallhunds during their career! Not only is their coat exceptionally gorgeous, they are exciting pals to have around. They love meeting new people, and are quite intelligent. The only issue you may have is calming this dog down when he’s feeling playful!

A great tip to give owners: keep this dog active and be sure to teach him some sports or games. Swedish Vallhunds need a large amount of exercise, and will get along well with outdoorsy families who are always on the move.

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