When you’re looking for a professional dog groomer, it’s not just their education that you need to consider. There are so many characteristics that contribute to a confident groomer, and we’ve put together a list of 6 things that make a good groomer GREAT.

So if you’re looking for a new pet groomer for your pal, be sure to find one that displays all these traits – and more – to put your furry friend in the best hands possible!

Their Compassion

Where would a dog groomer be without their compassion? We can tell you that they definitely wouldn’t be in this industry! Working with animals means you need to have a tremendous amount of compassion in your heart – not only to understand your canine clients, but to interact with concerned pet parents as well!

Leaving your best friend in the hands of a groomer can be nerve-racking – especially when your pal has health problems or is heading in for his first groom. One thing that marks a great groomer is their ability to put you as ease and show that they are a credible groomer right off the bat. This will help keep you calm, and more importantly, it will show in the way your pal interacts with the groomer.

How your dog reacts to the groomer is a big tell in how they feel about them. And yes, we know that not all dogs enjoy being groomed – but there’s a difference between liking the groomer and disliking the groom! Your dog should show trust in the groomer, even if they feel a bit nervous about being at the salon. Moreover, a reliable groomer will know whether or not your pal is ready for their grooming appointment or if you should reschedule for a better day.

Running a pet salon as a certified dog groomer

Their Patience

Along with compassion comes patience – the ability to start slowly, making sure each dog is ready to start their appointment. Just as with humans, dogs get anxious and scared when they’re in a new atmosphere or don’t know what to expect. But when a groomer is able to give them time to adjust and become familiar with their surroundings, that’s when your pal will come to trust them.

We all know the feeling of trying to take our pets to the groomer or vet – it’s not always an easy task! Slow movements and a calm presence from your groomer demonstrate their patience and sensitivity to every animal’s needs. Your groomer will know the signs and behaviors that mean a dog is uncomfortable – and they’ll know the best way to calm him down!

Plus, they will also take the time to discuss your dog’s lifestyle with you. They want to learn about each pet before they start the appointment. Even if they’ve met him before, your groomer will enjoy taking the time to speak with you about anything new in his life. Small details can make a big difference in how the appointment goes!

Their Attentiveness

Not only should your groomer take the time to discuss your pal’s behavior, she should also be ready to address any concerns right away. If your groomer notices something odd about how your pal acts during their appointment, she’ll be sure to make a note of it. After all, you are in charge of your pet’s life, and need to know if he acts up or thoroughly enjoys his groom!

In a more general sense, professional groomers are there to keep your pets healthy – from keeping their fur shiny to noticing a small cut in their ear or an odd scratch that won’t go away. Your groomer should be at the forefront of your dog’s health.

Their Intuition

One of the most important traits for groomers to possess is intuition. Without it, your groomer could get themselves into some sticky situations!

As you already know, animals can be unpredictable. Their temperament can change in an instant – just like humans! But unlike humans, they can’t discuss their feelings with us. So, it’s crucial for every pet groomer to know when a dog has either had enough, needs a break, or simply should not be groomed that day.

A groomer’s intuition keeps both them and the animals they groom safe. So even if you’re disappointed that your pal can’t be groomed on your schedule, you need to trust your groomer. They know the type of behavior and signs to watch out for, and you should never ask them to go against their gut!

Clipping a dog's nails with proper pet grooming tools

Their Confidence

It goes without saying that professional dog groomers need to be confident – both in their skills as well as when dealing with clients. Being knowledgeable is one of the top things people look for in a groomer, and your groomer should not be shy about sharing their expertise. A groomer that is nervous about discussing their education is definitely not a groomer you should be sticking with…

All pet owners need to know that their groomer has quality training under their belt. Considering that pet grooming is a largely unregulated industry, this fact becomes even more important for owners to look into. A few quick questions about your groomer’s education and knowledge will determine if they really know what they’re doing!

Their Dedication

Last, but certainly not least, is the amount of dedication every groomer possesses. Let’s face it – grooming pets day-in and day-out is a tough job. It takes physical endurance and a resilient personality to work with the amount of dogs that come into their salon. No matter the size or temperament of your pal, your groomer will always do their best to make him healthy and happy.

The job of a professional pet groomer is extremely rewarding – caring for animals and being able to recognize their individual needs is a gift, and one that you shouldn’t take for granted!

Inspired to start working with animals? Find out the benefits of working as a professional dog groomer!

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