graduate feature - melody mason with 3 groomed dogs

Name: Melody Mason

Location: Regina, Canada

QC courses you’ve taken:

  • Dog Grooming Course

  • First Aid for Groomers

Your social media:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am from the small town of Cudworth, Saskatchewan, Canada. As a kid, I was always obsessed with animals. We had two Jack Russells growing up as well as farm cats and bunnies—I was always with them. As I got older, my love for animals grew stronger, especially my love for dogs. So I decided I was going to take a chance and move out of my hometown to Regina, Saskatchewan and pursue a career with dogs.

How did you know you wanted to become a dog groomer full-time?

I started as an attendant as a doggy daycare and spa. I was always interested in dog grooming. I loved the idea of working with a dog one-on-one to make them look and feel their best. Once a dog grooming position opened up in the salon, I jumped on the opportunity. I asked my boss if I could go to dog grooming school and become their next dog groomer. She agreed, and I started my dog groomer training right away. As I went through my schooling, I became hooked on grooming and learning more and more every day.

dog grooming

What’s your favorite dog breed to groom?

My favorite dog would have to be the Chow Chow. I have always loved their unique features and watching their coat blow out is so satisfying!

You work at Off the Leash Pet Grooming salon with Casey Bechard, another graduate of QC Pet Studies. Do you believe that working alongside a certified dog groomer when you first started your dog grooming course impacted your training?

Working alongside Casey and the dog grooming salon owner, Kayla, has been extremely helpful during my practice— and even after I earned my dog grooming certification! Having other opinions from experienced pet groomers during my dog grooming classes helped me with any questions I had with grooming a dog. I also picked up good grooming habits.

They have helped me grow as a professional dog groomer. They would remind me to position the table higher to help my back, and I could consult them with any questions. I would often ask them if they thought my dog’s legs looked even. They have always been there looking out for me!

dog grooming

What was the hardest dog grooming technique you’ve encountered?

The one thing I struggled with was to be rounding a dog’s ears, especially dogs with long ears. I found it difficult to get the shape and length symmetrical on each side. I had to work on it but have since improved!

Do you have any advice for students of dog grooming classes who are struggling to find dogs for practice?

When you’re first practicing your dog grooming skills, always to be honest with the dog’s owner. And never be scared to talk to people! Even if see a dog walking by you on the street, don’t be afraid to say hello and ask them if they’d be interested in helping you out with your schooling!

For Practicum Unit 4: Grooming a Terrier Breed, you groomed a Terrier to its breed standard. Looking back at the assignment now, is there anything you would have done differently?

Looking back I definitely would have shaped the legs and but a bit more than I did then.

Before Scottish Terrier Groom

After Scottish Terrier Groom

How do you think QC’s online dog grooming course has prepared you to work in the field?

The Dog Grooming course was extremely helpful in my journey. I enjoyed it as well!  The video tutorials were very well done, and it made learning to groom a dog very clear. The tutor’s notes were also very helpful after each section to help me with the things I needed to work on. They pointed out any little details they would catch. I felt very confident in my skills after finishing dog grooming school and starting my career.

What’s on the horizon for you and your dog grooming career?

That is a very good question! I am planning on attending Super Zoo in Vegas next year to learn more grooming techniques and tricks. Right now, I am working full-time as a professional dog groomer. I am slowly expanding my skills with working different tools and dyes. It’s been a lot of fun, and I have loved every day of it!

When you enroll in QC’s Dog Grooming course, you’ll receive a dog grooming kit to practice! See the full kit!

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